Wet Mop Heads, Handles

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Mop head replacements are available in various styles (detailed below) and materials, including 4-ply cotton, 8-ply cotton, rayon, blend (cotton, rayon, and polyester), and synthetic yarn.

Wet Mop Head Material Types


4-ply cotton mop heads feature a high quality cotton yarn for everyday mopping needs and for when tough floor cleaning works needs to get done but washability is not important. Cotton mops need to be broken in because they naturally contain cotton seed oil. Soak in warm soapy water for at least 30 minutes then rinse in clear water and wring. Repeat rinse at least three times. Handles are not included.


Economical yarn that is a blend of cotton, rayon, and polyester has good initial absorbency. It combines the best qualities of durable synthetics, absorbent rayon, and cotton to be the ideal mop head for most professional applications, even demanding ones.


Rayon yarn mop heads are good for waxing floors and other applications that need less linting and more absorbency.


Synthetic yarn mop heads are good when rayon is needed and price is a concern.

Wet Mop Head Style Types

Fantail Mop Head

The fantail option is available for regular wet mops. The tailband holds the strands of yarn in place, maximizing the mop coverage area. Fantails eliminate tangled messes when wringing.

Wide Band Mop Head

Wider bands are available for regular wet mops. Wide bands are a heavy duty five-inch polyester mesh sewn with four rows of stitching. Recommended for use with gripper mopsticks and where quick drying is a necessity, as the mesh dries much faster than a conventional headband.

Screwflat Mop Head

Screwflat mops lay flat on the floor for more efficient mopping. Screw-on handles provide for quick and easy changing of heads.

Standard Cut End Mop Head

Standard cut end mop heads are the most popular mop heads. Standard mop heads come with a 1-1/4” wide headband and 2 sturdy rows of stitching.  General use mop heads are excellent for general purpose floor cleaning and typically offer the best value for a disposable mop head. Available in natural cotton, blue, and synthetic. Use 8-ply cotton mop head where extra durability and strength is needed.

Loop Mop Head

Looped end mops help eliminate unraveling, prolong mop life, and significantly reduce linting. The tailband used with looped end mops holds the strands of yarn in place. This increase the coverage of each stroke allowing for maximum spread on the floor surface. Loop mop heads come standard with a mesh headband to aid quick drying and assist in removing stubborn dirt spots. Narrow band options available. Looped mop heads are available in natural, blue, and deck mops. Deck mops feature quality wire-bound construction to lock the yarn on the handle for heavy duty mopping. There’s a ‘cushion’ of yarn over the handle end so it doesn’t scratch the floor.

Zephyr Brown Box Line (BBL) Mop Heads

Zephyr’s BBL products provide the lowest price alternative. These value priced products are made in the United States.