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US Casehouse is the best place to buy it by the case!

Welcome to your one-stop online shop for foodservice disposables, restroom and cleaning supplies, and caregiving essentials.

At US Casehouse, we understand the importance of efficiency, reliability, and above all, care in your everyday operations. US Casehouse has the right products you need to stock up, clean, package and serve menu items, provide caregiving, and more. Whether you’re managing a bustling restaurant, maintaining a clean office environment or home, or providing compassionate caregiving services, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive range of high-quality foodservice disposables, restroom and cleaning supplies, and caregiving products available by the case.

US Casehouse is your ultimate partner in convenience, quality, and care:

Foodservice Disposables:  From sturdy takeout containers and meal delivery supplies to convenient disposable cutlery, our range of foodservice disposables ensures that your culinary creations reach your customers in the condition you intended. With options designed for both hot and cold foods, you can serve up excellence with ease. Buy the essential disposable restaurant/foodservice products by the case that you need to elevate your operations to new heights, including bulk plastic cutlery, food take out containers and to go packaging, disposable napkins, aluminum foil, drinking cups for hot and cold beverages, disposable dinnerware, and more!

Restroom and Cleaning Supplies:  Maintain hygiene and cleanliness effortlessly with our top-notch restroom and cleaning supplies. From disinfectants and sanitizers to trash bags and janitorial essentials, our products are crafted to meet the highest standards, helping to ensure a safe and clean environment for you, your staff, and customers alike. Find the bulk restroom and cleaning supplies you need to stock up on, including paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning chemicals, wet mop heads, brooms, dust mop heads, and floor care and facility maintenance supplies. From hand soap and sanitizer to eco-friendly paper products, we prioritize quality in every item we offer. Clean surfaces, floors, bathrooms, and fixtures safely and eliminate germs at your business, school, or home. Buy Green Seal Certified disposables that are made from sustainable resources to let your customers and guests know you care about the environment.

Caregiving Products:  Providing care for others requires not only compassion but also reliable tools and supplies. Our caregiving products are thoughtfully curated to support caregivers in their noble work. From gloves and disposable bed pads to incontinence and skincare essentials, we offer the products you need to enhance the comfort and dignity of those under your care. Whether you’re caring for yourself, the elderly, individuals with disabilities, or patients in healthcare settings, we have a comprehensive range of caregiving products to meet your specific needs. Caregivers need products they can trust. Our selection of disposable adult diapers, booster pads, pull-up diapers, women’s bladder pads, and male guards includes different sizes and absorbency levels for reliable protection against leaks and accidents, providing peace of mind to both wearers and caregivers. We believe in the power of gentle care—our product range includes unscented personal wipes, latex-free gloves, and latex-free adult diapers and pull-up absorbent underwear, designed to be gentle on sensitive skin while effectively meeting hygiene needs. Plus, we offer FREE SHIPPING on $49+ from our entire Healthcare & Caregiving category. Experience the difference that premium caregiving products can make in your caregiving journey. Empower caregivers, enhance comfort, and promote dignity with supplies from US Casehouse.

Bulk Convenience:  Streamline your procurement process to save time and money by purchasing our products in bulk quantities. With cases of products readily available, you’ll never run out of essentials at crucial moments.

No Membership Fees and No Minimum Order Requirement:  Buy in bulk without membership fees or a minimum dollar amount for orders.

Convenient Delivery Right to Your Door:  Say goodbye to frequent trips to the store. No crowded aisles, no checkout lines, and no hauling your purchases to your vehicle! Save time, gas, and money. Shop on your schedule. Never run out again! Avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment of not being fully stocked with the products you need. We ship orders out typically the same or next business day and deliver directly to your business, home, or other physical address in the contiguous United States. For more information about shipping, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Dedicated Support:  Our team is committed to providing unparalleled customer service. Whether you have questions about products specifications or need assistance with your order, we’re here to help every step of the way. If you need us, we're only an e-mail away: 

Sustainability:  We’re mindful of our environmental impact and strive to offer eco-friendly options wherever possible. Look for our range of recycled-content and sustainable-resource products to care for the environment without compromising on quality.

Order today and experience the convenience, quality, and care that US Casehouse offers!