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Buy healthcare and caregiving products in bulk online from US Casehouse. Free Shipping on $49+ from Healthcare & Caregiving category (no coupon needed). Stock up on medical gloves, incontinence products, wound care and first aid supplies, mobility aids, health and wellness products, home healthcare supplies, and more.

Medical Gloves

Stock up on medical grade nitrile, latex, and/or vinyl gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care. Buy by the box or by the case. Powder-free nitrile exam gloves provide the wearer excellent tactile sensitivity and dexterity. Latex exam gloves provide reliable performance. Vinyl exam gloves are tear and puncture-resistant, and feature a conformed it that improves tactile sensitivity, dexterity, and comfort. For single patient use.


Buy incontinence products in bulk online from US Casehouse. Stock up on adult incontinence supplies to help you manage urinary incontinence and/or fecal incontinence and provide the best care.

Adult Diapers

Shop for adult diapers and the best incontinence products for elderly and other adults with disabilities or mobility impairment, dementia, severe diarrhea, bedridden people, and others experiencing urinary and/or fecal incontinence. Buy unisex adult diapers by the case. Find the best adult diaper to fit your needs, considering available sizes (small, medium, large, XL, plus size), absorbency levels, adjustability, and more.

Adult diapers with tabs, bowel incontinence products, overnight diapers, and bariatric size briefs available. Tab-style diapers or pull-ups are commonly used in hospitals or assisted living settings for older adults and patients who cannot control their bladder or bowel movements, are not coherent, and those who have other conditions. Overnight diapers provide the most absorbency, highest void capacity and protection for a good night’s sleep while managing incontinence.

Pull On Diapers, Protective Disposable Underwear and Briefs

Pull-on adult diapers are absorbent disposable undergarments used by people with incontinence. Find extra absorbent unisex underwear that’s designed with the look and feel of regular, everyday underwear for a comfortable and discreet fit. Available in a range of sizes (from youth / small to bariatric / plus sized briefs) and absorbency levels to provide the protection you need. Sizing is based on waist and hip size. These disposable briefs lock up moisture to keep you feeling cleaner, fresher, and drier, while helping to prevent urine odors before they start. Breathable zones allow air to circulate and disposable fabric material helps keep you comfortable and protect your skin from incontinence-related irritation. Pull on diapers and protective absorbent underwear are ideal for people experiencing moderate to heavy urinary incontinence.


Underpads offer absorbency to protect bedding, furniture, chair, wheelchair seat, and other surfaces from incontinence leaks. Choose from convenient disposable and reusable pad options. Disposable underpads for incontinence (also known as “Chux”) feature topsheets with good wicking properties to keep the skin dry. The core of the underpads lock away urine and bodily fluids to control odor and prevent leaks. Their polyester or polypropylene (plastic) backsheet is constructed to be leak-resistant. Find the size (ranging from 17” x 24” to 36” x 54”) you need to protect your bed, couch, or floor. These disposable underpads can also be used to protect bedding by girls, women, new mothers, and people who experience heavy menstrual or post-partum bleeding overnight. Soft top sheets maximize comfort. Latex-free options for sensitive skin. Washable, reusable underpads made of polyester and rayon blends are absorbent and feature a vinyl barrier and safety stitch to be more durable.

Bladder Control Pads

Find urinary liners and pads for incontinence issues ranging from light bladder leaks to maximum heavy absorbency pads for increased bladder control. Regular and Long-length pads available. Disposable bladder control pads have an adhesive peel strip for attaching inside regular fabric underwear and offer discreet protection that keeps you feeling cleaner, fresher, and drier, while locking up wetness and preventing urine odors before they start. Breathable disposable material helps you stay cool and feeling comfortable. Film backing protects underwear from leaks. Contoured bladder leak pads and incontinence liners fit the shape of the body. Individually wrapped pads allow for hygienic storage and convenient travel use. Keep individually wrapped pads in your purse or bag when on the go. Feel confident with reliable protection from your favorite brands like TENA Intimates, McKesson, Cardinal Health, Depend, Prevail, and Poise.

Liners and Booster Pads

These super incontinence liner pads / booster pads are for use inside adult diapers or protective underwear to provide extra absorbency. Excellent for when extra protection is needed (like nighttime or extended wear), these liners and booster pads are designed for very heavy levels of urinary incontinence and moderate bowl incontinence. Their core quickly wicks away liquids from skin and helps reduce odors.

Wipes for Incontinence

Buy flushable personal wipes and disposable wet washcloths in bulk. These disposable premoistened washcloths gently clean delicate and sensitive skin. Options available that contain chamomile, vitamin E, and aloe to sooth and moisturize. Resealable packs and containers provide convenient one-hand dispensing and keep the wipes moist. Alcohol-free and rinse-free formula is suitable for all-over body use. Hypoallergenic cleansing wipes are great for sensitive skin. For flushable wipe options, the biodegradable material breaks down after flushing to prevent clogged pipes. Over 99% biodegradable and sewer safe – will not clog pipes when used as directed.

Diaper Rash Cream

Stock up on diaper rash cream and moisture barrier cream for incontinence skin irritation. These skin protectants help prevent and relieve the discomfort of diaper rash (diaper dermatitis) in patients ranging from newborn babies to geriatrics.

Perineal Cleansing and Care

Perineal cleansers feature medical-grade antiseptics that are safe for sensitive skin. No-rinse perineal cleaning spray is designed for incontinence care and effectively cleans urine and fecal matter. Find the right perineal cleansing and care products to make incontinence hygiene easier for caregivers and patients. The spray emulsifies and cleans dried urine and feces to help eliminate irritation and stripping of skin.

Wound Care & First Aid

Stock up on wound care and first aid products. Buy products to help injured skin heal. Proper wound care can prevent infections and minimize a scar.

First, assess the severity of the wound. Small wounds with little bleeding can be taken care of at home. See a medical professional for moderate to large sized cuts or scrapes. Urgent care clinics can provide immediate treatment for your wound. For small wound care at home, always wash your hands before caring for a wound. Medical gloves are available to prevent contamination. Stop the bleeding from the wound by using a clean cloth or bandage when applying pressure to the wound. After the bleeding stops, clean the wound and dry it with a clean cloth.

Apply antibiotic ointment to the wound to help prevent the growth of bacteria that may lead to an infection. Use sterile dressing to cover the wound to protect it from outside elements as it heals. For minor wounds, simple bandages and nonsterile dressing will do. However, for moderate-sized wounds, be sure to cover with sterile dressing and tape. Make sure the dressing fits well over the wound so it isn't so loose that it falls off, but also not so tight that it cuts off circulation of blood to the area.

First aid is the emergency or immediate care provided when a person is injured or ill until full medical treatment is available. Stock up on adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment, over the counter pain relief medicine, and first aid kits for you to keep on hand at your home, office, or business.

Medical Supplies

Patient Care

Stock up on patient care products, including personal hygiene, apparel (socks and footwear, drape sheets, patient gowns), medicine cups, bedroom aids (bedding and basins), bathroom aids (bedpans and urinals), mobility aids, baby and youth (diapering supplies), bariatric care products, and emesis bags.


Buy nutritional formula and supplements, food thickener, purees, and eating utensils in bulk online.

Exam & Procedure

Shop for medical exam gloves, patient exam gowns, tongue depressors, specimen collection containers, exam table paper, procedure drapes and sheets, procedure underpads, alcohol prep pads and swabs, procedure towels, lubricating gels, disposable pillowcases, blood pressure monitoring supplies, applicators and swabs, patient belongings bags, and diagnostic instruments and supplies.

Surface Sanitizer

Buy surface sanitizers and other medical cleaning chemical products in bulk online from US Casehouse. Stock up on surface sanitizing products that can be used in medical facilities, offices, and other healthcare environments. Use premoistened alcohol wipes to disinfect surfaces.

Liquid and premoistened wipe options available. Use surface sanitizers, disinfectant, and germicidal cleaners to clean, disinfect, and decontaminate exterior surfaces of hard, nonporous items to prevent cross contamination in healthcare settings. Options available to kill TB, MRSA, HIV-1, HBV, HCV, Coronavirus, and other viruses and bacteria.

Find ready-to-use high-level disinfectant liquid gallon jugs and aerosol sprays. Shop for options from trusted brands and manufacturers, including Metrex Research (CaviWipes), Sani-Cloth, McKesson, and Clorox Healthcare.

Needles & Sharps Containers

Buy safety lancet needles with easy-to-use push buttons. 21 gauge (2.0 mm depth), 23 gauge (1.8 mm depth), 28 gauge (1.5 mm depth), 30 gauge (1.8 mm depth) safety lancet needle options available.

Shop for small, OSHA-compliant sharps receptables with touchless deposit to prevent unwanted access to contents. Find sharps containers to safe, convenient, and secure disposal of sharps and medical waste. Translucent white color is discreet but also allows monitoring of contents.

Urology & Ostomy

Buy urology and ostomy supplies online. Products include male external catheters, urinary catheter stabilization devices, Foley catheter holders / leg straps, adhesive remover, no-sting skin barrier film, water soluble and greaseless lubricating jelly (small individual packets and tubes), drainable colostomy pouches, ostomy appliance belts, barrier ring seals and strips, trim-to-fit stoma skin barriers, Castile soap towelettes, protective adhesive powder for stoma, filler paste for ostomy and wound care, perineal cleanser, and more.


Buy orthopedic products online, including casting supplies, knee brace, tennis elbow support, post-op shoe, neck brace (cervical collar), arm sling, and more.


Shop for respiratory medical products online. Buy filters, connectors, nebulizers, oxygen tubing, and more.

I.V. Therapy

Buy I.V. therapy supplies in bulk online. Stock up on tourniquets, film dressing, I.V. drain split sponges, I.V. tape, I.V. poles and stands.

Drainage & Suction

Shop for medical drainage and suction supplies in bulk. Buy drain sponges, suction connector tubing, 800 mL suction canisters, and oral suction devices.

Instrument Care

Buy medical instrument care products online. Stock up on instrument sterilization supplies, high-level RTU disinfectant, medical instrument cleaning brushes, self-seal autoclave sterilization pouches, instrument detergent, lubricating jelly, and more.

Mobility Aids

Shop for mobility aids online. Buy a wheelchair, aluminum cane, rollator, and/or folding aluminum frame walker. Mobility aids are devices designed to help people who have problems moving around enjoy greater freedom and independence. Mobility device options are available to meet people' s needs - from canes and crutches to walkers and wheelchairs.

Health & Wellness

Stock up on the health and wellness products you need, including vitamins and supplements, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and treatments, first aid, skin care, baby care, home health care, foot care, grooming and personal hygiene, oral care, and diabetes supplies.


Buy healthcare apparel online, including face masks (N95, 3-ply surgical style masks), medical gloves, patient gowns, patient socks, and more.

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Find the right products for children, bariatric patients, caregiving, coronavirus prevention, housekeeping supplies for a doctor’s office or healthcare facility, and rehabilitation.