Diversey 4266359 Suma Dumpster Fresh Cleaner and Deodorizer, Liquid, 32 oz Spray Bottle - 4 / Case

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Quick Overview

  • Dock and dumpster cleaner reduces the smell of garbage
  • Gets rid of unbearable odors quickly
  • Liquid in spray bottle
  • DVO4266359


Diversey 4266359 Suma Dumpster Fresh dock and dumpster cleaner noticeably reduces the smell of garbage. Three-part treatment provides strong cleaner, "knock down" fragrance, and bioactive nonpathogenic formula that works fast to create enzymes to digest grease and other organic soils that would otherwise attract rodents, insects, and other pests. Applied bacteria keep odors from coming back. Great to use to clean and deodorize dumpsters, trash cans, loading docks, and concrete floors. Features a floral scent. Requires no scrubbing, just spray and walk away! Shelf life is two years.

Effective and easy to use:
For trash cans - apply product three times per week when cans are emptied
For dumpsters and surrounding area - apply product when dumpster is emptied
Note - all food products and packaging materials must be removed or protected prior to use

To apply product:
Connect spray attachment to hose. Pull back safety latch and rotate dial. Product automatically dilutes at correct dilution. Spray the surface to be cleaned. Use a wet vacuum or other method to prevent the used cleaning solution from discharging directly into the environment or a storm sewer. Do not allow product or its solutions to contact vegetation or run off into areas where it cannot be recovered. Do not use on food contact surfaces.

Sold 4 32-oz Suma Dumpster Fresh spray bottles per case.

Additional Information

Brand Suma
Manufacturer Diversey
Manufacturer Number 4266359
Material Liquid
Color Green
Size 32 oz