Diversey 90222 Beer Clean Mineral Solvent Water Treatment Powder, 0.5 oz Packs - 100 / Case

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Quick Overview

Special water conditioner for hard water.


Diversey 90222 Beer Clean mineral solvent powder serves as a booster in the water softening process, which is especially important in adjusting local water conditions. Chemically reduces the lime spotting problems while preparing the water for more effective cleaning. Ties up hard water minerals to obtain maximum cleaning results. Single use packet for better dilution control.

NSF G6 Registered for steam table treatment - use one pouch Beer Clean mineral solvent per 3 to 6 gallons of water depending on water hardness.

In a three sink bar glass system, fill each sink with hot or cold water; add one pouch of Beer Clean mineral solvent to the wash and sanitizer sinks; then add Beer Clean glass cleaner to the wash sink and Beer Clean sanitizer to the sanitizing sink. Beer Clean chemicals are related and designed to be used together.

This product is part of Beer Clean Bar Sink Program, a complete system of compatible chemicals designed for outstanding cleaning. Provides thoroughly cleaned glassware with no odor, aftertaste, or residue. Clean beer glasses deliver better looking beer with bigger heads, for higher profit. Effective with both manual and electric 3-sink systems.

Sold 100 Beer Clean mineral solvent water treatment 0.5 oz powder packs per case.

Additional Information

Brand Beer Clean
Manufacturer Diversey
Manufacturer Number 90222
Material Powder - Pack
Color No
Size 0.5 oz